Rabu, Julai 29, 2009

Kerakusan DAP!!

Ean Yong making own invoices for claim to State govt

Wong Chun How has said that many of the projects listed are not existing. This means Ean Yong have simply used Wong's name for claiming money without even telling him. There are so many projects that even Wong don't know from where it comes. That is why Wong said some of the projects are false. Wong is correct. Even Wong has been played out.Then there is the case where Ean Yong Hian Wah just asked Teoh Beng Hock to make the invoices. This is illegal. Working with the contractors who want the job, Ean Yong just asked Teoh to make invoices with agreed amounts. So Teoh make the invoice, Ean Yong approve the project and the money is paid. Sometimes the project is not existent (like Wong has said) or just a portion is finished. Here are four invoices manufactured by Teoh Beng Hock for Ean Yong Hian Wah:

1. MKMN Enterprise (Projek memasang tiang besi untuk pagar di Taman Serdang) for RM11,940.00
2. Syarikat Aris (Membina lantai konkrit untuk tempat tong sampah Kampung Air Panas, Kerling) for RM9,095.00
3. Fizami Construction (pagar dan longkang Pasar Rasa) for RM12,190.00
4. MA Bina Melor Enterprise (pagar di Taman Serdang Perdana) for RM19,513.00

Note that these invoices don't have signature. This is because they are from Teoh's computer disk. This is illegal. Why does Teoh have unsigned invoices stored in his computer memory? There are names and telephone numbers provided, in this case bumi contractors. For sure handphone sudah mati, cannot be located or address do not exist. Please note that two contracts are given for 'projek memasang tiang besi untuk pagar di Taman Serdang' - one to MKMN Ent. ($11,940) and another one to MA Bina Melor Ent. ($19,513). Two different projects or just two different invoices but for the same Taman? Just make the invoice to siphon out the money.Why keep the invoice inside Teoh's computer? Very strange.

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